We assure our clients that they will receive a title commitment within 3 business days of ordering such. We value our clients and provide quality, efficient services to ensure complete satisfaction. As such, the attorneys with our company make an effort to ensure that all legal issues that arise on title are resolved immediately.


Our on-staff attorneys are ready to address any
legal concerns that arise and facilitate quick, effective resolutions.


PREMIER TITLE performs quality and knowledgeable title services such as:

  • Title Insurance
  • Escrow Services
  • Document Preparation
  • Appraiser Referrals
  • 48-72 Hour Title Commitment Turnaround
  • Home Inspection Service Referrals
  • Coordination and Ordering of Pest Inspections
  • Ownership & Encumbrance (O&E) Searches
  • Evening & Weekend Closings
  • Out of Office Closings
  • Courtesy Closings
  • For Sale By Owner Closings


  • All legal matters are resolved immediately with on-site attorneys, including probate matters, quiet title actions, and tax issues.
  • On-site attorneys negotiate short sales and foreclosure defense, if necessary
  • On-site attorneys and staff attempt settlement of any outstanding judgments and/or liens for lesser amounts, prior to title closing.

*These services are upon request. Additional charges apply.


Our experienced title closers exceed the industry’s expectations as we are extremely personable and professional and provide up-to-date information to realtors, lenders, and mortgage brokers until completion of the title closing. We are recognized for protecting all parties in a real estate transaction to ensure everyone is protected. The professionalism, knowledge, and resources of PREMIER TITLE and the values we share, give us all we need to fulfill our commitment to you.


PREMIER TITLE works in a timely and efficient manner on behalf of investors, developers, lenders, and real estate professionals for residential and commercial properties. Each client is treated with the utmost professionalism and receives the definitive assurance that his or her case will be handled responsibly and completely.


PREMIER TITLE offers tracking software which allows you to view the status of all your orders in one place. Once you become a client, you are given a username and password to www.ourinformant.com which gives you access to all your files in depth. For open orders you can see which files are awaiting Title Searches, Clearance, Short Sale Approval Letters, and which files are Clear To Close.